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Who Our Customers Are

We specialize in services that provide you with disruptive innovative technologies. Our services allow your company to link microprocessors, sensors, wireless connectivity, and databases into one complete system and provide technologies similar to those depended on by Netflix, Zipcar, Mint.com, Nike+, and Amazon: Techonlogies for the Future


Our Project Portfolio

• Web applications for the leader in the development of integrated, real-time RFID-based computer systems for controlling and monitoring vehicle access into and out of defined areas.

• Logging Solutions for HAMs allowing contest participants to track and submit records into a centralized web database.

• Gaming systems which include fraud detection, RFID, dealer and player assist devices, automated card shoes, shufflers and graphical representation of game logic/game outcomes.

• Configuration, diagnostic, and maintenance software for in-flight entertainment systems.

• Flight simulation software and devices for military and civilian pilot training.

• Remote control aerial cameras for cinema and advertising which automatically track subject and camera movement, enabling users to reshoot a scene from the same perspective regardless of actor or camera movement and achieving movement stabilization via inertia measurement units, accelerometers, and GPS.

• Software for irrigation systems, including control and satellite units, to allow centralized management of irrigation for golf courses and other large properties.

• Automated electrical arc welding systems and software for robotic arms, weld heads and power supply controls, with extensive GUI and real-time management features including a proprietary standardized protocol to remotely integrate third-party software via TCP/IP, and on-the-fly translation and display of text, menus, dialog controls, etc. to the user’s native language.

We innovate quietly and in stealth mode so that competitors do not have a chance to catch up. To protect your proprietary technology, we rely on word of mouth alone instead of releasing details of solutions prepared for our client. We increase your ROI with cutting-edge, fast and firm results. We have a 100% return customer base. Please, ask our customers about us, and you will understand why our customers continue to rely on our state of the art results.

Client Example

Firm Solutions, Inc. built some of the core technologies - shuffle programming and the smart baccarat table - for SHFL, recently acquired by Bally.

Firm Solutions, Inc. recently launched Hush Hush, a data-masking tool for the SQL Server.