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Web, Mobile, and Desktop Development

HTML, CSS, Java Script, Angular, Node.js, REST, SOA and Microservices: REST, SOAP, JSON, XML/XSLT/XPATH, WSDL Components Driven and Plug-ins: C#, C++ Data-Centric and Event Centric: .Net, Java, Python Model Driven (in partnership) Android with Java, iPhone with Swift and Cocoa-C

Data Solutions, BIG and small

Azure, MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle, mySQL, IBM DB2, Time series HD Insite, Data Lake, Cognitice Services, Intelligent Bot, PowerBI Amazon AWS, MWS Cassandra, DocumentDB, CoachDB, mongoDB RDF, Semantic Web, SPARQL, Jena R, Python

COTS integration and configuration

SSIS, BizTalk, Azure  BizTalk Services, Service Bus, API management, SQL Server Stretch Database

Internet of Things

ARMs, PICs Azure IoT Hub, Event Hub, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, Notifications

Enterprise Integration

Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics

Innovations and R&D

NLP, Semantic Web, Video, Components and Services based analytics, and more

Your digital transformation and innovation

Is our business

Born in 2002, FSI has helped many customers develop innovative solutions. The company excels in it and the team is "eating its own dog food": in 2017 FSI came out with its own Microsoft Azure Marketplace offerings. The company makes your dreams reality.

Firm Solutions is a trusted and diverse workplace with ties to the research community: meet our innovators with advanced degrees.

movie camera

Flying Movie Cameras

Remote control cameras for aerial and other hard-to-access locations cinematography. The system uses Inertia Measurement Unit, accelerometers, and GPS to achieve movement stabilization.  The software controls up to eight movement axes on a camera with record/playback capability on all three axes.  System also allows for “stretched” and “compressed” playbacks.  Real-time section performance is achieved by using 1ms hardware interrupt.

Provided Services: Internet of Things


space welding

Space Welding

Automated electrical arc welding systems and software for robotic arms, weld heads and power supply controls, with extensive GUI and real-time management features including a proprietary standardized protocol to remotely integrate third-party software via TCP/IP, and on-the- fly translation and display of text, menus, dialog controls, etc. to the user’s native language.

Provided Services: IoT, Web, Mobile, and Desktop Development


semantic search

Semantic Web Searches

In order to help scientists to find best -omics tools our client, g6g, needed a tool  to search the web intelligently based on defined ontologies, RFD and principles of the semantic web.

Provided Services: Data Solutions, BIG and small, Innovations and R&D

software tools

Extended Software Tools

The suit of the products completely automated the data masking cycle, including sensitive data discovery tool for databases, data masking components for SSIS, SQL CLR, Components in Azure marketplace, components for hl7 and x12 with BizTalk, text discovery and masking in collaboration with Stanford University technologies, and components in device. Two tools in POC are discovery and datamasking of x12 and hl7 files and subsetting utility.

Provided Services: Innovations and R&D, Enterprise Integration, Web, Mobile, and Desktop Development, Data Solutions, BIG and small


gaming fraud

Self Tuning Gaming Fraud Detection

Gaming systems that include fraud detection, RFID, dealer and player-assisted devices, automated card shoes, shufflers and graphical representation of game logic/game outcomes, clickstream Business Intelligence.

Provided Services: IoT, Data Solutions, BIG and small, Innovations and R&D

shopping card

Smart Shopping Cart Management

Web based real-time configuration software in the Internet-of-Things architecture for Smart Cart Solutions Manufacturer. The software allows internal and external resources to provide locations with specific versions of manufacturer’s devices, integrating the custom database of specialized WiFi wheels with the third party ERP solution.

Provided Services: IoT, Enterprise Integration, Web, Mobile, and Desktop Development


service system

Customer Service Priority System

Chat DNA is a Natural Language Processing role-driven customer service system that prioritizes mail, chat and voicemail messages based on the urgency of needed response. The system optimizes customer service operators organization workflow management, providing authorization targeting specific roles, allows for mail editor and SMPT integration. It works with a scalable message load, processing an indefinite number of messages a minute, limited only by the speed of human perception.

Provided Services: Data Solutions, BIG and small, Innovations and R&D, Web, Mobile, and Desktop Development, Enterprise Integration

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